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Solar Power

Riggs Distler is an industry leader in the installation of solar power in commercial, industrial, utility, and residential environments.  Solar energy is the fastest growing energy technology in the world.  Riggs Distler has been able to establish ourselves as an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) for projects ranging from commercial roof-mounted projects to utility grade solar fields.  Riggs Distler has the expertise and experience to provide the following EPC services:

Riggs Distler is currently the sole installer of a 200,000 pole-mounted solar panel network that will produce 40 megawatts of green energy and which represents the world’s largest pole-mounted solar project in the world.  Riggs Distler has also installed roof mount ballasted or penetration, ground mount, solar fields, pole mounted, and tracking solar systems.  Riggs Distler works for commercial, industrial, municipal, utilities, and private partnerships.

Whether our customers call for an EPC or simply an installer, Riggs Distler answers the phone

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